The King's Own Scottish Borderers Association

Victoria Crosses


Lieutenant G.H.B Coulson, V.C., D.S.O. 1st KOSB. South Africa, 18th May 1901. For coming to the rescue of a wounded NCO whose horse had been shot from under him. He lost his life in the act.


Piper D.Laidlaw,V.C., Fr.C. de G. 7th KOSB. Loos, 25th  September 1915. At the outset of the battle, the battalion was confronted by poison gas and heavy artillery fire. The legendary ‘Piper of Loos’ led the assault from the trenches, playing the Regimental March and Charge. Although badly wounded in the legs, he followed the Jocks towards their objective until the severity of his wounds forced him to withdraw. 
 CSM J Skinner, V.C., D.C.M. 16th August 1917. In spite of a head wound, CSM Skinner led a party of 6 men to clear 3 blockhouses, capturing 60 prisoners, 3 machine guns and 2 mortars. He was subsequently killed by a sniper’s bullet. 9 V.C.s from the 29th Division were present at his funeral, 6 of them acting as pallbearers.


CQMS W.Grimbaldeston, V.C., Fr. C. de G. 1st KOSB. 3rd Ypres, 16th August 1917. Single-handedly, CQMS Grimbaldeston bombed out a blockhouse, taking 36 prisoners, 6 machine guns and a mortar.

 Sgt. L. Mcguffie, V.C. 5th KOSB.  Wytschaete Ridge, 29th September 1918. Sgt. McGuffie, on his own, attacked a series of enemy dugouts, disarmed a party of Germans escorting British POWs and captured a blockhouse. He was killed a few days later.
  Pte. W. Speakman,V.C. 1st KOSB. Korea, 5th November 1951. Acting on his own initiative, and although his Company was vastly outnumbered, Pte. Speakman led a party of 6 men in a series of grenade charges against the enemy, driving them from his position and enabling the rest of his Company safely to withdraw.

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